Fantastic Mr. Fox

by Gaspar & Dusty fox

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released September 23, 2016

Fantastic Mr. Fox
A Fable by Gaspar & Dusty Fox

All instrumentals produced by: Gaspar

All lyrics written by: Dusty Fox

(except on "900" the hook was written by Rufus Smalltownz)

Harvee Bird & Wes Guy sing the hook on "The Way It Used to Be"

Lily Sheers sings on "Undertow"

Recorded at: Fox Den Studios - Portland, OR

Engineered by: Dusty Fox, Gaspar, Rufus Smalltownz

Mixed by: Victor Nash at Destination Universe! - Portland, OR

Mastered by: Gus Elg at Sky Onion - Portland, OR

Executive Producer: Rufus P. Smalltownz

Special thanks to: David Kim



all rights reserved


Dusty Fox Portland, Oregon

Dusty Fox is a Portland, OR-based artist. He is the emcee for the jazz/hip-hop band Two Planets, as well as 1/2 of the duo Research & Development with fellow Northwest rapper Rufus Smalltownz.

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Track Name: Title Page
1. Title Page

I take a shot no regret if it's blocked
they wait and plot tryna get at the fox
how many odds have I beaten so far?
in a Saab rag top 
dropped to see the stars 
hit the beach and re-charge

ain’t living large
but I’m largely living
many miles apart from beginning
in that small spot
atop a hair salon 
in north Spokane and
mom in the kitchen
me and Ryan eyes glued to the television
sit and listen

the picture blacked and white
imagination made the colors vivid
flashing bright
but kept acting like

the bastard that I was 
unwed mother 
she emanated with love
and still does 
the real stuff

I thank her but it ain't enough for raising us
the different pressures
that she went through always made it tougher
large temper
and felt different
I got tested
learned lessons
too hard headed 
get it?
why even stress it
the blessing is fleeting anyways
I’m gnashing teeth
the wrath increases when the weather change
and rain is shining on the streets
a streak of evergreen
I’m speaking for the renegades
disseminating energy
(giving everything
speaking for the renegades
disseminating energy)

but fuck the farmer and his armament 
for feather weights 
He’ll never catch me
not tomorrow 
never any day
this D. Fox is 
too obnoxious for them anyway
and every loss that I’ve ever taken
just served to motivate

wait, only all-stars
can relate
move tapes no breaks no holiday

never rest on my laurels
morals set the stage
meaning if I aim to achieve it 
I'm going all the way 

ayy I’m just hoping that you do the same
here to tell you it's possible if you just believe
met Gas after undergrad
he was a 17
banging on the pads making racket 
and lacking self esteem 
told him put in the work
you gonna see your dreams
keep on making those beats
until your fingers bleed

he brought it into existence
through sweat and elbow grease 
combination vision and rhythm mixing with melodies
that all it was 
all it ever be
they can try to justify hate but it won’t make us change
no blood relation 
but brotherhood in another vein

never ever fronting I got your back 
in the heavy rain

we made the album the track
slapping is medicine
if they ever try to attack us 
we’ll stand together fam
Damn we gonna get it in 
and praise Allah for these bars
written in reverence
hence here we are in the present tense
Gaspar, Fox is fantastic 
and thats my brethren
that means forever man 
now that that's been established we the rest begin. 

(we let the rest begin
now that thats been established we let the rest begin) 
Track Name: The Way it Used to Be
3. The Way it Used to Be

I said let’s talk about the way - I said the way it used to be 
but you won't ever make a wave 
if you stay waiting on the beach

I said let’s talk about the way - I said the way it used to be 
but you won’t ever change the game
until you change your strategy 

committed murder
with words up
I need acknowledgment  
Twitter all over Kanye
I need a following 

wrote a comment 
to problems
thats looking ominous
you quoted us a column
you saw up in
The Economist

I'm honored
you'd even shit up on my consciousness
for college kids
to practice recreation
building tolerance in scholarships

they author the reports
all up in their offices
the following retort:

I’m lost inside the forest paying
homage with an offering
of marijuana flores to 
the sorceress of Socrates
poppin' off these operas
like coppers do minorities
and crooked law enforcement
that’s the worst type of authority
It's sore to see 
the privilege you afforded me
all because of pigment
for an ignorant majority

but fuck that shit
and the government too
I'm an ugly motherfucka’
making love in the booth
and coming over all these poser rappers
yappin' on cue
about their shoes 
and their Motorolas flashin' on who? 
got a stash of liquid acid
flippin' tabs for a deuce
to undergrads
who only understand 
with half of a clue
I been jacking up percentages
for sedatives too
but yo they spending daddy’s cash
so it ain’t nothing to loose

now what it do?
I’m back on the scene that’s with the team
to blast and get it crackin' like the glass on my screen
then come unglued
like sticker backs
and crackin' a brew
a six pack
just to sit relax and slappin’ a tune

then flew the coup
with elusiveness
you couldn't pursue
wearing Supersonics
Gary, Nate and shawn
On the shoot
like 96-98
could mix the grape and the goose 
when Dusty up to uffin’ nothing
But no muthafucking good
I’m a goon 
throwing rocks at the moon 
cutting loose
spilling blood over Gaspar 
loops when I do 
we in the suits
living live on the move
and given up
on giving fucks cause I got nothing to prove 
just me rolling up these mustard greens
for something to do
puffin’ Dutches
In the mothership
discussing the news
It's D. Fox
set to chop on the tune
and make moves 
I been bustin' out the box and
getting lost in the stu
I'm past due like notices
my focus improved
so fuck the last
I need to drop something new
that's something soon

(what’s taking you so long Fox!?)

I said let’s talk about the way - I said the way it used to be 
but you won't ever make a wave 
if you stay waiting on the beach

I said let’s talk about the way - I said the way it used to be 
but if you won’t ever change the game
until you change your strategy 

Track Name: Picasso Jasper
5. Picasso Jasper

rhyme scheme terrorist
cheffin' up these lyrics
from Iran to the pyramids

Write graffiti
Nefertiti type specificness 
hieroglyphic images
penmanship ridiculous

when he’s running on tracks
Olympic committees
couldn't fund the attack
coming in last
low numbers
but this summer be back-to-back
packing double headers
put the cork in the bat

Pete Rose
grows trees
cold lumber the jack
serving them packs
so loud
you can tell where he’s at
just from the Pine-Sol smells
that emit
from the bag
me Gaspar, Ruf, Murk, Keys and J. Mac 
we at the pad
north of the flats
bumpin Andre Nikatina
getting weeded and dabbed
to straight glass
four seasons
I been meaning to pass
but couldn’t act low key
as if you needed to ask 
now where you at?
where you at? 
I been deep inside the aether blowin' speakers out the mothafuckin’ lab

so where you at?
where you at?
I keep broadcasting on frequencies
these people didn't even know they have

redundant bummer
the punishment leveraged
for addiction
binge and purge
on a nervousness
that I love to visit
split decision
envision conjugal visits
with unprotected 
betting on pestilence 
from the pussy
people fucking
on cue 
I was always up to nothing
gave me something to do
now what it do?
oh that something was you?
we can jump into assumptions
like a puddle or pool
been in love 
with rebuttals
so I level with you
since you can’t have me
hope you settle for truth
I'm an asshole beating on the drum
til’ it bruise
plus a natural with the rhythm
meant to a carry tune 

cathartic honor
my conscious could need a therapist
love addicted
drug afflicted heretic
American heritage
no comparison
embarrassing the man in the mirror
that's why you’re hearing this
glass half empty reflection
that’s when the feelin' hits
exorcism all in the message
could give the spirit lift
healing shit
better left to the past
and found a different way to cope
until I caught a relapse
so where you at?
where you at? 
been deep inside the aether blowin' speakers out the mothafuckin’ lab
now where you at?
where you at?
I keep broadcasting on frequencies
these people didn't even know they had 

Track Name: Synergy
7. Synergy:

We ain’t announce it
they ain’t know that it was coming
Gas is on the track and 
Dusty Fox is really jumpin'
jump in on the beat
to make it go
kinda feel like a scrappin'
to swing and take the blows

here we go
the reasons all completely are his own
and these people that see pieces of him
barely even know
what the scope is 
hitting these notes
but losing focus
lost up in the smoke
could start choke it’s like a goldfish
outta’ aqua the saga
is never over
they bulldoze
The Rose
and buildin’ another condo
on a eviction notice
or re-poing the Honda
no sleep
keep belief
put ya teeth to the grind stone
but the machine 
just rage on (Rajon)
like Rondo
with no point to guard
I point to god and wonder
why the world is so corrupted
people going under
and one coin to toss
I wish I had another
while the world is so corrupted people going under

under under
get that coke and sell it
under under 
get that dro
and mail it
understand where you stand at
trippin’ fallin’
but it's all where you land at

learn the lesson 
don’t be foolish in your hustle
if fox is in the chicken coup 
you know that you’re in trouble
I’m just tryna’ keep it level
I just eat and keep it mellow
I been teething on their marrow
tossing pieces to Cordero
and bringin’ speeches
on his meters of percussion
but these beliefs are really not up for discussion
while you’re fronting on my thesis
I’ll be out collecting mushrooms
on the beaches with a breezy
that could probably teach you something
bout’ ya flows
nose cocaine
no goals
you spitting in my ear 
the end of every fucking show
like I’m HOV
but Dusty Fox is far from a star
matter fact
I ain’t getting love from none of these blogs
I’m just rapping over tracks
to bare emotional scars
in the hopes that these thunder clouds 
could break and depart
taking my tragedy and making it art
cause in this land of lost causes
cautions no blunder
and while the world is so corrupted 
people going under

under under
get that coke and sell it
under under 
get that dro
and mail it
understand where you stand at
trippin’ fallin’
but it's all where you land at

(under under lord I’m going under)
Track Name: Two Week Retreat
9. Two Week Retreat

(we see the colors half baked in the sun
disguised as something beautiful
pollution falls all around us
in particles of orange and pink
we breathe in the beauty of our own demise
relishing the moment with a photograph
we share on-line
look at me
look at me
look at me)

two week retreat to lease life again
to face defeat and not try again
well that’s tantamount to sin
If you can't amount to shit 
fuck it how you gonna win?
all of these lies that I told myself
the secrets that you keep
and that you never tell
it’s just lil ol' me
three years deep in a love sick disease
with degrees 
that’ll freeze the feet
face defeat frost bitten
lost smitten
coughin' in disease
tangled the sheets
tryna' generate some heat
while my generation sleeps
OD’s on IG screens

life is but a scheme
If you’re righteous 
you can bleed
but the right don’t always lead

follow what I mean?
while the lock is on the key
and the crop is of the tree
I’ll be the fox you’ll be the sheep
conflict and belief
huntin’ for relief
mud under my fingernails
and blood upon my teeth 
fuck your ethics
and regressions
what is found
a finder keeps
find release on beat
the creep is so deep
let it be
only taking what I need
I just prey on the weak to eat 
don’t you see?
when all hope is lost
5 years
right here
the same smokers cough
I hate these fake ass rappers
you think I love myself?
sharpening my fangs
in this living hell
well reality’s a bitch
and I used to fuck her hard
until we had to call it quits
and shit…
that’s motivation for nothing
torch and a nail 
always fronting 
fuck it take another dab
let the hour glass pass
tip a flask full of sour mash
back on my ass
the passion only lasts
when practicing the craft
or packing up my bags
man please
want to leave - can’t get away from me
need to change - not sure who to be
complete incompetence
inverted empathy
D. Fox could be his own worst enemy
Track Name: Hood Cruiser
10. Hood Cruiser

faded skating
what a rare escape
tearing tape
bliss known
swiss bones
get ya bearings straight
flip zones
6 clones of the rarest grape
germinate loaded the bong
and let it percolate
smoke strong
when we on
and always working late
deep uncharted escape
been in the perfect place
only here till you gone
I wanna surf that wave
birds of prey
pickin' off these kittens
and small invertebrates

fuck what you heard them say
I don't observe the fakes
surfacing in multiple currents
I learned to drift away
while snake witches
is slithering
chasing currency
like currently
their sole pursuit
is surface level purchasing
more commercials
and servitude
to the true elite
who dine upon us
like a heard of beef
flipping them burgers
thats full of fur and teeth
working these drones
til’ the bone is gone
mercy please
lord -
this is an emergency 
more police shootings
assume the worst of me
too subversive
in service to what I yearn see
a perfect balance of peace love and community
plus true bond with my brothers
and others near to me
the dearly departed
my mother, the cousins, Rufus P.
cause y’all a part 
of who I grew to be
and constantly pushing me farther
in the pursuit of dreams
who be moving on an aircraft
over moon lit seas?
soon to see 
been a student to the music scene
pursuing two degrees shrewdly
jazz life hyping up reporters in order 
to do the news for free

other people I don't choose to be
snooze asleep
finally I see
that their labels are not defining me

your fucking righteousness can die
or go get Lyme disease
it's time to sneeze
at any other rapper
who be tryna' squeeze
find a beat 
buddy who you pine to be?
the smallest stump
or highest tree?
potential that's inside the seed 
lightning strikes precisely
igniting Let the fire free
everything is so Devine 
or lately that’s been my belief
ants on the counter tops
static falling all around us 
been off the counter balance
silence - blow the loudest of flower
hands are calloused
from challenges pulling 9 an hour
blood, sweat, tears
to this shit
I couldn't count the gallons
survival spiritualist
they try to hide the ballots
conniving characteristic
of some violent cowards
private terror we witness on a nightly hour
don't let hate kill your soul
we gotta fight the power

I'll understand when I'm older
I said in my confusion
turn on the high and just vibin’  
the skies a vibrant hue and
I'm only human
the music is moving me into it
do you intuit the movement?
The ruins looted ruthless
why we assuming? 
pursuing the truth
while we elude it
I'm in the mood to get zooted
and kick some rhymes that’s fluid
ramen noodles and brew is
upon the top of food lists
foolishness is hittin' your prime
before your time to prove it

serendipitous symmetry
building cinder blocks
sing-alongs getting me high inside the synagogue
second temple, the shrine, devine in pentecost
stars tabernacle to cross the crescent and the mosque

on the surface of Mars
that’s why the service lost
serpentine patterns
no stopping me like a renaissance 
from the cot
to the coffin
I'm pausing often
and lost in the many sauces
my conscious is fucking good gone

hoppin’ obstacles
coughing up kamikaze
and constantly dropping comments you copying
leave my shit alone
I'm on the offensive
and bout to send you home
while my esophagus spittles
a bit of tremolo 
pennin’ poems
race to the finish 
who got the chemical?
drug brain stained with the mineral 
I been sinning for way too long and I probably will again
grab a mothafuckin’ beer then a pen get it in

Track Name: Undertow
11. Undertow:

lately I been waking up 
shaken up
unremembered dreams from the night before
taking up space in my mind scape
racing for the open door
from the surface
to the ocean floor
surfing through this world
on a broken board
hoping for homeostasis 
and getting close results
total emersion
that's in the perfect storm 
pressin' on using the currents
to keep my head afloat
put through the paces
I’m left to tread alone
assumptions you chain to me
need let ‘em go
the hatred that burdens me
weighing down my soul
and certainty of all that I'm facing if I don't take control
paid in full
lost to continuum in this under tow
regardless of minimums
or the price of gold
life is so precious and bold
I need to stay afloat
episodes nightly unfolded on this microphone

it’s one of the realist
so you swear you gonna to kill it
(you don’t even know)
the single dropping soon you know they gonna feel it
(you don’t even know)
it’s so appealing 
now you headed for the ceiling
(you don’t even know)
to get it it poppin' off
you gonna make a million
(you don’t even know, no)

old soul calculus lost in the intangible
chemical analog animal 
with the antidote
answer for amateur emphasis in this
game of rap
pictures posing for cameras
on a rented ‘Lac
gold teeth over cavities
with no dental plan
crackers that’s taking ‘bout
trappin’ ain’t never touched a sack

I guess it's all smoke and mirrors
office empiricist interference

damn now who the fuck got the remedy?
empathy ample in energy
for the hungry listeners
monkey wrench to the factory 
doing funny business 
actively running the numbers up
under bad inventions 
white privilege and benjamins
sayin' fuck the system
good intention aside
that was a desperate try
back up in this for vengeance
Like Tyson ’95
fresh out of prison
forgiveness is nowhere on the mind

it’s one of the realist
so I know I’m gonna to kill it
(you don’t even know)
the single dropping I know know you’re gonna feel it
(you don’t even know)
it’s so appealing 
how I’m headed for the ceiling
(you don’t even know)
I’ll get it it poppin' off
I’m gonna make a million
(you don’t even know, no)

Track Name: 900
13. 900

though I’ve been living out the motion
rose is potent to blow
put a pedal to the breeze
selling trees by O
back when 17 degrees 
was the seasonal low
and had me chefin’ up 
the feast to bring the heat to the cold 
so if you ‘bout it
then you just nod to the truth
how this animal cracker
ever get in the the stu?
swimming around like a seal
in the sound
inside the booth
been down
since 9th grade man
spray paint stains 
8 shades
stayed on my shoes
to make moves
I was 5'2 
stupid and rude
no clue 
no movement 
and nothing to do
old dreams
of the Testarossa
never came true
now it's 
moon roof
Tesla Roadster
several goons
hit the dunes
with a quap
of some shrooms
and pop booms
yo the squad talk to God when we choppin' on tunes
Gaspar smash hard
like a rock on the lose
knock in the coupe
‘cause loosing ain't an option to choose
and go yard so far
you need binoculars dude
helicopters and rockets
couldn’t top what we do 
spit bars that’s raw
so you just nod and approve 
now what it do?
you say you’re working hard
where's the proof?
me and Rufus probably
coppin’ a Saab
with no jobs 
and it's Dusty T. Fox
so you can follow pursuit
and get lost while we’re 
sparking up
enjoying the view
(now what it do?)

some of the things I’ve seen
may leave you breathless
paint a picture with these words
’til you smell the essence
remember the past
but we live in the present
with dreams of riding in a Saab with gold BBS’s
now everybody want to live that life of luxury
but few are down to grind and put up the fee
some weather the storm
others change the weather
either make your dreams reality or fall asleep forever
it’s whatever

deep in southeast
I put the weed in the bowl
moret juice
than Sammy Sosa
with mimosas to pour
open ended
like an ocean that’s opposed the shore
‘cause deep emotion got me scoping 
every pen in the store
just to scribble out these opuses
you soak and absorb
the pulse and the force
the cursive that was opening doors
yo a Molotow can is mightier than the sword
pulls words down to earth
like a compass to north
spilling over from these pages
like a puddle of course I'm lost
‘cause fuck it
when it rains then it pores
In Portland, Oregon
where my porch is like the neighborhood bar
making songs for you to light it up 
and bang in the car
we all tryna' find a way in the fog 
so be gone
in the darkness of the morning
I get out and explore
hitting tags all over the land
with cold hands
I'm a full grown man
no plan to get caught 
Skate off

some of the things I’ve seen
may leave you breathless
paint a picture with these words
’til you smell the essence
remember the past
but we live in the present
with dreams of riding in a Saab with gold BBS’s
now everybody want to live that life of luxury
but few are down to grind and put up the fee
some weather the storm
others change the weather
either make your dreams reality or fall asleep forever
it’s whatever
Track Name: This Rain
14. This Rain

a new Gas to blast
new sacks
assassins move fast
and tracks get bloom-blapped 
you know
D.Fox with the flow
fantastic since the day
I stumbled out in the cold
now here we go
Gaspar on control
that’s Akai level 5 times double zero
the 404s and different exposes
kill posers
corner stores tagged on the road
they didn’t notice oceans
seen from the interstate
mossy coast lifer
these dreams
could make the weather change

rainy days
turned to the season of the lemonade
eighty some degrees
in the breeze
a full dinner plate
man its all dream
I ain’t trying to wake
man it’s all a dream

so let me sleep a while 
keep it down
don’t be loud
please for at least an hour

the day can wait for now
theta brain waves
what was I thinking bout?

oh fuck it never mind 
we could save this whole discussion
for a better time

lately I been feeling 
this belief in my soul
the reason that we’re breathing
ain't conveniently known 
just patterns made of pieces 
that could seem to be whole
blasting way past Saturn
on the way to get home 

I’m in the zone long gone
the calm is automatic 
white noise
radio static
in bad traffic 
back at it
I'm a rap addict
It's Gaspar
Fox is fantastic
and that's about it…